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Henry and Sam :iconizfish:izfish 3 3 iPad Art :iconizfish:izfish 2 0 The tradgedy of Ivan and Ragnarok p1 :iconizfish:izfish 2 5 The Tradgedy of Ivan and Ragnarok :iconizfish:izfish 1 0 Pie vs Cake :iconizfish:izfish 1 1
Ivan and Ragnarok
There once was Ivan who fell in love.
From the moment he saw Ragnarok,
Across the dingy hallway,
He knew that it was real.
They were both hardened war criminals,
They'd both murdered in cold blood,
But the moment their eyes met,
Their hearts of stone melted.
Their love seemed endless,
Each kiss gave off sparks,
But then the students came,
And they were torn apart.
It was all because of one woman,
Forcing children to be her puppets.
They needed the Biology credit,
So they reluctantly obeyed.
She told them to weigh the lovers,
And then to fill two vats,
With water in one and acid in the other,
Then to drop the poor victims in.
The students let poor Ivan and Ragnarok,
Stay together 'til the end,
When they were dropped into the liquid,
And left drown and die.
Ivan and Ragnarok stared through the glass,
They watched each other drown,
As they slowly closed their eyes.
Now Ivan and Ragnarok,
Are happy in Heaven.
They're together and safe.
Together forever.
:iconizfish:izfish 1 8
La Suprema's Coming to Town
You better be good, you better obey
You better grovel for me every day
La Suprema’s comin’ to town
She’s making a list
She’s checking it twice
Gonna find out who voted for her
La Suprema’s comin’ to town
She sees you when you’re sleeping
She knows when you’re awake
She knows your political party so grovel for your family’s sake
:iconizfish:izfish 1 2
12 Days of Oppression
On the first day of my dictatorship I outlawed...
1-Having opinions other than mine
2-Teaching English
3-Laughing at tourists
4-Teachers who can't teach
5-Current Events
6-Proofs and fact'ring
7-Difficult yoga
8-Boring classics
9-Democracy also
10-Non-symmetrical furniture
11-Mondays in general
12-Non-mechanical pencils
:iconizfish:izfish 2 2
YOLT :iconizfish:izfish 2 1
Amisael, Part 3
[Hello, I am Amisael.]
[I’m here to speak to you.]
[You’ll have a great childhood. Loving parents, a brother and a sister or two, a dog, a few gerbils, numerous goldfish, the usual. Everything’ll be great.]
[And I’m so sorry, but that won’t last.]
[When you’re 10, you’ll think of jumping out of your bedroom window. You’ll cry in your mother’s lap, and things will return to normal.]
[When you’re 12, things will go downhill. ]
[You’ll look at knives and will yourself to pick them up, but you’ll be too scared. You’ll stare at the medicine cabinet, but never open it. Eventually, you’ll be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and OCD.]
[I am so very sorry.]
[At 13, you’ll give up. ]
[You’ll come early to us. Overdose on painkillers.]
"But... Why? Why me?"
[I am so, so sorry, but that’s just how it is.]
"It’s not fair, though. It isn’t fair. I never did anything wrong! Why?"
:iconizfish:izfish 2 0
Amisael, Part 2
"Who are you?"
[Amisael. I’m here to speak to you.]
[You’ll have a good life. Nice family, smart, you’ll grow up to be an engineer, solve a major world problem and die at 87 with 2 children, 7 great-grandchildren and 6 cats. However, during school you will have issues with bullying. You’ll be a genius, but other kids might not want to accept that. It will seem unbearable at times. But you’ll survive and blossom. Sure, there will always be hardships, but things will always improve.]
[Now, you have a choice.]
[Stay and live the life I’ve told you of, or come with me to Heaven.]
[It’s your choice.]
[A life full of joy, tinged with pain, or eternity in joy.]
[Either way, you’ll see me again.]
[It’s just your choice of whether that’ll be in a few seconds, or 87 years.]
The child thought for a moment before deciding.
"I’ll stay. I’ll survive and grow up and be awesome."
[Yes you will... Goodbye, I will see you s
:iconizfish:izfish 2 0
Amisael, Part 1
[I’m sorry, little one, but you won’t have a long time.]
[You see, you’re going to be born soon, and you’re not quite ready.]
[But don’t worry, you don’t have to.]
[You can come with me.]
[If you come, you’ll just leave here. You’ll never feel any pain, you can come to paradise.]
[But, if you stay, there are people who love you.]
[And they’ll love you for every moment you have.]
[Staying won’t be hard, it’s only 3 hours and 17 minutes.]
[It’s your choice, though.]
The child nodded, once.
"I’ll stay. I want to see what I can.
[Ok. I’ll see you in a little while. Goodbye.]
I touched the skin directly below his nose, creating a small indentation.
It was done.
Lucas John Dorno had forgotten me.
He was ready for his 3 hours and 17 minutes of life.
And so I left.
Some angels watch over people. Some deliver messages. I tell people of their
:iconizfish:izfish 2 7
Filled Lines :iconizfish:izfish 1 0 Lines :iconizfish:izfish 1 0
I've won, haven't I?
I'm alive!
I survived!
I lived through every stupid barrier life threw at me!
I did it!
I lived!
I'm fine!
Aren't I?
I won.
I have to have won.
Because if I lost...
Then why bother?
:iconizfish:izfish 3 0
Bored :iconizfish:izfish 2 12



Today I saw a monster on my window.
I heard the skitter, looked over and there it was.
An Evil Alien Parasite Squirrel.
It was staring at me, and trying to get in, but then, it stopped.
It left.
And it's haunted me for the 10 minutes since.

If I don't make it...
Tell N I love him.
And Calem too.

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I'm not that great, and I don't really submit that often (blame school), so yeah. But I like pie and pi!


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